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What is the best way to buy electric water heater electric water heater


In the kitchen and bathroom space, naturally, the purchase of electrical products is ultimately essential. Electric water heaters are one of our indispensable products and bring great convenience to our lives. What is the best electric water heater ? Today we use the following content to see what the best electric water heater ?

What is the best brand choice for electric water heaters

Consumers must examine the brand and after-sales service level of electric water heaters. Brand-name products are generally of good quality and can be sold after sale. They can also enjoy on-site installation, free machines, and other services.

What is the best capacity for electric water heaters

Capacity selection mainly considers factors such as household entrance and hot water usage. A rated capacity of 30-40 liters of electric water heater, suitable for 3-4 continuous bath use; 40-50 liters of electric water heater suitable for 4-5 continuous bath use; 70-90 liters of electric water heater suitable for 5-6 consecutive bath use.

What is the best type of electric water heater

1, the choice of liner: the highest grade, the longest life is the stainless steel liner, enamel liner, galvanized liner coated curing resin, titanium liner, which is the mainstream product of the electric water heater market, this kind of liner High strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, stable performance, there are horizontal and vertical type to choose from; enamel interior, the enamel on the surface of the liner is non-metallic material, neither rust, nor scale, thick steel plate production , Has a strong pressure capacity; high glazed steel liner, is the highest level of enamel interior, not only good corrosion resistance, there is a certain insulation effect, can be used for a long time.

2, the choice of safety devices: electric water heaters should generally have protection of the makeup, anti-dry, anti-overheating, anti-overpressure devices, high-grade leakage protection and water-free automatic disconnection and additional power indication function.

3, the choice of insulation effect: the main factors affecting the insulation effect is the thickness of the insulation layer and the density of insulation materials, consumers should try to choose the thickness of the moisturizing layer and the insulation material density of products, according to the manufacturer's product specification comparison selection.

What is the best additional function of electric water heater

1, constant temperature regulator function: electric water heater outlet increased by advanced magnetization thermostat, can solve the phenomenon of hot and cold water temperature, and to avoid burn accidents.

2. Disk function: Form a magnetic field inside the magnetizer, improve the activity of water, and have a health-care effect on the human body.

3, anti-corrosion descaling function: As the water heater is usually in the 70-80 degrees of water temperature, descaling function is particularly important.

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